Non-Governmental Organizations are commonly referred to as NGO’s.They are non-profit organizations that work towards the positive development of the society. NGO’s work in various sectors like educational, healthcare, environmental and many more. The complex nature of society makes it susceptible to many kinds of problems and the various non-governmental organizations are continuously making conscious efforts to fight against the social ills. The research on NGO’s is vast and it has been the subject of many debates.

The term NGO came into existence at the end of the Second World War, as the United Nations sought to differentiate between inter-governmental specialized agencies and private organisations. But sources say that NGO’s had originated much earlier.  The Anti-Slavery Society was probably the first International NGO, formed in 1839.Wars resulted in the formation of many NGO’s like the Red Cross, Save the Children and CARE.

Non-Governmental organizations play a vital role in bringing about a progressive transformation in the society. The following points talk about the various roles NGO’s play these days.

  • Improving Infrastructural Facilities-One of the primary role of NGO’s these days is catering to the development and improvisation of infrastructural facilities in the society. Recently, many organizations have stood up in increasing housing facilities like maintaining public toilets. In many cases, they also take advice and technical assistance from governmental agencies.
  • Supporting Innovation and Projects-NGOs also have the advantage of supporting innovative projects related to health, education, women empowerment, child rights and much more. The organizations also specify the time period for which they will be supporting the particular project.
  • Effective Communication-NGO’s also use interpersonal methods of communication, with the help of which they gain the trust of the community they seek to benefit. They can also facilitate communication between the government and the people.
  • Fighting for the Less Privileged-The main role of non-profit organizations is to work for the underprivileged section of the society. They make sure that these people get equal rights and opportunities to enjoy the basic necessities of life.

Our society is facing a lot of social problems and it continues to fight against issues related to human rights. In such a situation the various non-governmental organizations have been working very hard to make the society a better place to live in. They work at grassroot level to create awareness among the people, regarding the various issues faced by the society. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) being mandatory for corporates has made the process of funding much easier for the NGO’s and the non-profit organizations receive huge support from the corporate houses. Though the NGO’s till date continue to struggle financially, their endeavour to create a difference in the lives of the people is commendable.