Child Trafficking is among one of the most serious social issues that India is facing. Child trafficking can be defined as the trade or traffic of children characterized by the recruitment, transfer and housing of children by different methods of abuse, kidnapping, fraud and many more such illegal instances. Accepting and offering payments to the person having authority over the child is also child trafficking. In other words, one can say that people indulge in child trafficking for money and it has become a form of business these days. Children are sold for the purposes of begging, sexual exploitation and for forced marriages. They also work in construction sites and factories for a meagre amount of money.

Some of the reasons for child trafficking are as follows;

  • Poverty-One of the main cause of child trafficking is poverty. Poverty stricken families have no choice but to abandon their children, leaving them in the hands of traffickers. Poverty also increases the number of orphans and street children. This makes them more vulnerable to trafficking.
  • Lack of Education-Illiteracy is another reason for child trafficking. Uneducated parents don’t understand the importance of educating their child. Even if children from these poor families go to school, they drop out after a certain age in order to earn money to support their family. Lack of education makes people unaware of child rights and they hand over their children to traffickers for money.
  • Caste System-Caste system is a contemporary reality in our country. The lower castes in our country are devoid of equal rights and opportunities. They are deprived of the basic necessities of life and they live in unhealthy and insecure conditions. They are also unaware of the benefits of family planning. Thus, people belonging to the low caste are forced to sell their children.
  • Family Instability-Another major reason that causes child trafficking in our country is family instability. Family instability in our country results from alcoholism and gambling. This forces children to leave their homes in search of jobs and makes them fall into the trap of traffickers. Such instability also causes parents to sell their children.
  • Corruption-Corruption is a part of everyday news in our country. It has created a mindset among people where they seek to become rich overnight, even by committing crimes. In such an atmosphere, child trafficking has become quite an obvious problem in our society.

Every problem has a solution. Likewise, we can overcome child trafficking and make this society a better place to live in. The following points talks about the ways one can eradicate child trafficking;

  • Spreading literacy-Spreading education among the less privileged section of the society is one of the most effective ways of overcoming child trafficking. Education makes one aware of their basic rights and will help them fight against various social issues and problems.
  • Creating awareness-Creating awareness is very important these days. The rural society is unaware of their basic rights and laws. They also don’t have adequate knowledge about the issues and problems that our society is facing. Awareness about child trafficking will help in overcoming it.
  • Strengthening the law enforcement system- Laws must be created and enforced aiming to fight against trafficking. It is only after making the punishments more severe that the traffickers will hesitate before acting.

It is not hard to overcome child trafficking if the society fights against it together. Steps must also be taken by the government and NGO’s to overcome trafficking. An effective way to fight child trafficking is to bring about economic stability in the families and the society as a whole. One can also help in eradicating child trafficking by donating money to various NGO’s, for spreading education among the less privileged.